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About Anglo Saxon

Anglo-Saxon is a nationwide company that operates numerous franchises around Israel which specialize in marketing all sorts of real estate:  luxury apartments, houses, industrial buildings, offices, commercial properties and lands.

Anglo-Saxon was founded in 1964 by a group of immigrants from South Africa. In 50 years of service in Israel it has become the leading company in real estate. With 80 offices around Israel, Anglo-Saxon has the largest potential reach and an enormous customer database.

Metropolis Promotion Investments & Properties (Century- 23) Ltd holds the concession to operate the Tel Aviv franchise of Anglo Saxon. Anglo Saxon Tel Aviv was established 50 years ag. By now it is one of the leaders in marketing real estate assets and is one of the largest and oldest real estate agencies in the country.

The company was founded by the late Amos Glazer, who served as CEO and shareholder. Amos's legacy is guiding the company, here are the essence of his work:
Amos marketed real estate assets personally for over 30 years.

Amos was one the principal promoters of the real estate mediation licensing law.
Amos was the founder of the Council of the construction industry.


The existing partners:

Kfir Zohar has a seniority of 15 years in real estate in the fields of brokerage, management and investment. Kfir specializes in investments feasibility analysis and in identification of investment opportunities. Served for years as the financial manager of real estate companies in Israel and abroad, while working in the renowned CPA company “Brightman Almagor, Zohar”. Kfir has a B.A in Business Administration. Over the years Kfir has created relationships with numerous companies and investors in Israel and abroad.

Oren Glazer is the son of Amos Glazer and his successor. Oren was raised in the real estate world, thus became an expert in marketing commercial real estate. Oren acts as the director of the Commercial Division of Anglo Saxon Tel Aviv. With his vast experience Oren established a variety of contacts in the real estate field, both contractors, entrepreneurs and investors. Oren has a B.A in Business Administration.

Roi Haroosh has a seniority of 10 years in the brokerage of real estate. Over the years Roi mediated many transactions, mainly in the residential field, including apartments, luxury assets and plots for buildings. Roi brings to the table high skills of negotiation, business development and customer service.


Our Three Guiding Principles:

  1. Professionalism
    At Anglo-Saxon our agents are carefully picked in order to ensure that they are capable of giving the best level of professionalism and with it the best service to our customers. We have agents that can speak a variety of different languages to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.
  2. Service

Anglo-Saxon prides itself on its ability to meet its customers face to face and offer a high level of customer service which translates into customer satisfaction. At Anglo-Saxon we take the time to understand each client's individual needs and we pride ourselves on being able to cater for them.

At Anglo-Saxon the agents consistently go through different workshops and seminars in order to ensure they are constantly focused and always improving and developing their skills

  1. Reliability
    At Anglo-Saxon we pride ourselves on our reliability. With many different franchises throughout Israel the company's management controls and supervises all the separate offices whilst ensuring that each of its 80 offices has its specific zone of operation. This method is unique to Anglo-Saxon and allows us to be the most established and reliable real estate agency firm in Israel according to national surveys.

The Company has two main divisions:

  • The residential division –

            The residential division handles apartments for sale and rent throughout Tel Aviv, both second hand apartments purchased from private costumers, and new apartments purchased from contractors or private costumers in the form of acquisition groups.   The division includes 4 local branches.

  • The commercial division –

            The commercial division handles all sorts of commercial real estate all over Israel. the division is divided into several departments:

            – Office department    handles office spaces.

            – Stores department – handles commercial spaces.

            – Industry and logistics department –  handles properties and lands for industry uses.

            – Income Properties department – handles rented properties
 Plots and buildings department –  handles whole buildings, lands for residential use and properties with building rights.


Additional activities of Metropolis Ltd:

  • Metropolis Ltd has an exclusive delegation from the Israeli Ministry of Housing and Construction to purchase apartments for public housing on its behalf. During the years 2016-2018 Metropolis purchased more than 500 apartments all over the country.

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